What are the risks of buying Stromectol online?

Always very helpful with any questions or concerns. They greet me by my name and not just a number or customer. Mary Beth is an excellent pharmacist who helps find ways to keep Stromectol cost low!!! The staff is very professional!!!! I travel from Brunswick to this pharmacy. That speaks volumes!!!!

I wish no star was an option. I’ve used Pharmacy Giralda for decades and have never had so many issues. Scripts not received when I was in the doctor’s office when it was called in, scripts not ready when they’ve sent me a text message telling me to buy Stromectol online, medication not in stock (more than once), the list is endless. I’ve heard that it’s because they are understaffed or because they have been overwhelmed with customers from a nearby pharmacy closing. I guess I don’t really care why. It’s not acceptable. I’m moving my scripts to another location.

Farmacia Díaz Arca
Address: C. San Pablo, 5, 41001 Sevilla, Spain | Phone: +34 954 22 51 29 | Website: https://farmacia.diazarca.com/

The pharmacist I met was very kind, funny, and very helpful. He even gave me a gift of Pringles! I came in with a friend who wanted to buy Ivermectin online. I used the opportunity to pick up some allergy meds. I will definitely return to Farmacia Díaz Arca if I need something else before I leave Weatherford.

Tim and Paul are excellent and well-informed gentlemen. He is very pleasant and knowledgeable about Stromectol products as well as where they can be found in the store. I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Tom and Andy in the pharmacy as well as the rest of the staff in that area. Norma and the kindest women work in the crafts section.

Farmacia Neto Del Río
Address: C. Castillo de Constantina, 4, 41013 Sevilla, Spain | Phone: +34 954 61 04 37 | Website: https://www.mifarmacia24h.com/

Absolutely the best and most personal pharmacy, we have ever used. They are very fast and will make sure you order your Ivermectin medicine. They know their customers and go out of their way to serve each one and the community!!! We couldn’t be happier switching to Farmacia Neto Del Río!!! Plus it’s not every day you get a text from your pharmacy wishing you a Happy Birthday 🙂 thank you so much to the wonderful staff.

The pharmacy is rude and extremely inconsiderate of one’s needs. I’ve been trying to get a prescription filled there for three weeks now. I have a valid prescription from my doctor and have tried to get the item filled and then pay out of pocket because insurance will not cover it, and they have been extremely reluctant to fill it for whatever reason. Through multiple phone calls, the staff is extremely unfriendly, including the pharmacist. I have been hung up on by staff, and it seems also almost mocked. I would strongly recommend going elsewhere, as I will be.

Farmacia Puerta de Carmona
Address: Av. de Menéndez Pelayo, 69, 41003 Sevilla, Spain | Phone: +34 954 42 16 53 | Website: https://www.farmacias.es/

I received my two Covid-19 Vaccinations at this Farmacia Puerta de Carmona. I would like to comment that Harrison, the woman who signed me in and checked me off and gave me directions both times was a lovely person, very kind, friendly, and professional. She is a credit to this store. I watched her with three other people, and she was lovely to them as well. The pharmacist was also professional and efficient. Well done.

Every time for the last 4 months, I’ve gone to get a prescription filled and been told it will be ready. I’ve come back later than the time stated and still have not gotten my prescription. This place is the worst, in now officially changing pharmacies because this place sucks!!!! I give it zero if I could.